Depending on the number of guests and depending on the type of event and the importance you want to give, that is to say, from private intimate character, to the festive character with invitation of many friends. We can organize the evening of your dreams, either in the back of a restaurant, under the stars, on the beach, or on a desert island. The evening can go from waiting for a sunset that will delight you, through a boat ride, preceded by a coral rock bath and a cocktail. The evening can be embellished by a DJ under the stars with presentation of Sega Local Dance with possibly dancers in folk clothing and intervention of a caterer depending on the place and who can integrate the preparation and service of drinks such as champagne or dishes specialties such as foie gras, caviar etc. The evening can be continued with a barbecue, lobster, chicken, fish with possibly Mauritian entry varying season, and Mauritian menu. The evening can end in joy when dancing. These evenings are adapted to each case, an anniversary, a renewal of vows, engagements, weddings etc. A professional photographer can be proposed to immortalize your evening (photos and videos). The place will be indicated given the weather and may be canceled in case of rain or storm. In this case you will be offered another closest date without any price increase. Nevertheless considering the expenses incurred and being a case of force majeure if you refuse the postponement of date there will be no refund. It is advisable to book several months in advance. Price on request following services that can if you wish to integrate the support of the guests and transport by taxi, minibus or bus. Given the specific nature of these events that require special preparation and the implementation of significant financial means, we will ask you to pay the entire quote to the order except for transport costs that will be paid only your arrival.